Artist Call out 2014: 

We are looking for new, emerging and established artists from all backgrounds and disciplines looking for a space.

Space 32 is a large unconventional warehouse space and those who wish to use it need to think creatively. Our space is fantastic for large group shows and large sculptural work. As we have high ceilings and a large open space.

It is highly encouraged for applicants to make an appointment to actually come in meet with us and see our space before applying.

Our application process requires a formal proposal from individual artists, groups and community organisations. The proposal should include comprehensive information about the work or event, support material, and installation details.

We also accept informal ideas that can be developed within the space, or provide inclusion in upcoming group shows and fundraising events. This would require a meeting with the gallery managers to hash out plans.

As we are a not for profit, so we can cover the running costs of the space we charge $350 + $50 deposit (negotiable) for space hire for the three week rental of the space – this includes a one week installation/de-installation period and an exhibition of two weeks.

Gallery opening times are Wed-Fri: 11am to 5pm Saturday: 11am to 3pm. This is changeable but please be aware that Artist will be required to sit the space for the duration of the show. And space 32 members will have to be there during opening times.

This cost includes:

As a not for profit that currently is self funded, this fee is used to cover the running costs of the space and exhibition. 

  • Three week rental of the space – this includes a one week installation/de-installation period and an exhibition of two weeks.
  • Space 32 will provide 100-250 standard size printed postcard invites.
  • Space 32 will promote your project through email invitation, social media including a Facebook event page and an event page on our website. As well as through our Stonnington council networks.
  • physical assistance for installation
  • Staff on call
  • Encouragement from fellow artists.
  • As an artist run not for profit we would like not to charge a commission on the sale of work of course a negotiable percent would be welcome. As any money earn on works would be used for the betterment of Space 32 so we can continue to support artists and the community.
  • Space 32 will hold your opening with a basic bar and food service.
    *All Food and Drinks must be vegetarian out of respect of our landlord’s personal beliefs. Space 32’s opening nights will usually be held on Wednesday or Thursday night from 6:30pm to 9pm.

Please Note: We will be offering a limited number of  free group and individual shows through out the year to local new and emerging artists from all disciplines and backgrounds. This will be offered to artists we feel meet our values of what the space is about. Some of these shows may have a theme involved. A call out for the next group show in 2014 will be announced on our facebook page in December/January. It is highly encouraged for those wishing to be apart of our group shows that you follow our facebook page and make contact with us (don’t worry, we won’t bite) to meet with us and see the space. It also is recommended that you attend our shows and events.


Space 32 Proposal Requirements

  • Preferred proposals format in electronic form. But will accept hard copy proposals.
  • Cover Sheet with title of show, list of artist/s names, all contact details (phone and email) and preferred exhibition date.
  • 100 word max publicity statement
  • 500 word max rationale outlining relevant research, concepts and themes
  • Between 3 and 10 items (images, video or audio clips) of support material per artist, with title, year, medium and size/duration. Please indicate clearly if this is the work you intend to exhibit, and if not, provide support material closest to the work proposed.
  • A simple floor plan outlining proposed installation within the space (below)


Artist Responsibilities

  • Safety first! All work must be hung in a safe manner. Any artist using a ladder must have another person on hand to help.
  • Installation of exhibition at least 3 days before opening.
  • All equipment required for hanging of work and operation of work during exhibition
  • De-installation of exhibition within 2 days after closing.
  • Artists must return the space to an exhibition-ready state
  • Freight and related costs
  • Gallery supervision for the entire duration of their exhibition
  • All Food and Drink brought in to the space must be vegetarian out of respect to our landlord’s personal beliefs.
  • Artist talk or interview for our website
  • Space 32 takes no responsibility for the damage or theft of the artist’s work or property held in the space.

All electronic proposals may be submitted to  in .pdf or .doc format, or hard copies delivered to: C/O Space 32, 32 Wilson Street, South Yarra 3141. It is great if you have your images set to 300 dpi and in a zip folder so that they retain their quality.